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Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Solah First

We started of with a vision, and some very special and talented friends. Crossing paths with Sh. Ahmed Tijani and his beautiful voice, Rina Alfarabiband with her guitar playing skills, Tha-B and his gifted grafitti abilities and Joe Ipoh, with his phenomenal skateboarding talents, was indeed a lot to begin with. What each and everyone of them had in common is their pure and sincere love of Allah SWT. They understood the project and wanted in, without demanding anything in return, when they actually deserved much more on a professional level.

And that diffentiates this Azaan video with others out there. The talents featured here are REAL. They are not acting. I have been with them before. And they actually embody the message we intend to send to youths and everyone else, which is "STOP-N-PRAY" wherever you are.

Director: Shamsul Othman
Editor: Syed Hanif Syed Sofi
Talents: Shaykh Ahmed Tijani Ben Omar, Joe Ipoh, Tha-B, Rina & Alfarabiband
Production Crew: Mus'ab Dzulkefly, Hairul Azhar, Fhive Aldino Helmi
Production Manager: Razif Mahaboob
Original Concept: Crescent Collective
Producers: Justin Johari and Shamsul Othman

Words by Mahdar Tahir

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